A black-and-white portrait of Maggie with a yellow circle in the background

Optimist & co-conspirator

“How can we ensure we're solving the right problems?”

I turn ideas into designs that work. I love digging into ambiguity, and uncovering designs that are clear and sensible. With just-enough research, intuitive UI, and a knack for the technical, I make the complex comprehensible.

My background is a mix of tech and consulting, plus a handy degree in minds and machines (cognitive science). This helps me make designs that truly connect — to user needs, business value, and wider systems.

During my 6 years of work experience, I have:

  • Built a B2B company's first free trial experience, cutting activation from 30 days to 5 minutes
  • Designed the first LLM-powered integrations to help a conversational AI company compete with industry giants
  • Used UX research to convince leaders to change product strategy and set up new teams
  • Rebranded a tech consulting firm to win its first UX design and web design contracts
  • Used digital design to help an nonprofit scale its youth program from provincial to nationwide
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